Competitor registrations are now closed since Monday March 4, 2024.

Outfits and routines must comply with WDC-AL and CFCDA/FFCD regulations.



The 1st Step Competitions are intended for non-competitive ballroom dancer students. To register, you do not have any competitor license from any federation. You perform the figures of your choice. Registration for the competition allows you standing access during the day. Table seats must be reserved additionally on the Spectators page.



Christian Jacquot - Scrutateur
Cyril Cerveau - Juge
Ophélie Ghyselinck - Juge

Registration fees

Click here to find out how to get to the competition, find accomodation, etc.

Any participant in the “Grand Prix International de Danses de Lille Métropole” registered as a competitor and / or spectator gives up all rights to the image on all shots or videos that would be taken during the event for the benefit of the technical and commercial organizers. The photographs and videos in question may be freely used free of charge on any support and for the duration related to the promotion and the organization of the event, as well as for all promotional or commercial promotional purposes considered necessary by the technical and commercial organizers.

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